• Governor Roy Barnes
  • U.S. Senator Max Cleland (Ret.)
  • Georgia Federation of Teachers
  • Congressman Buddy Darden
  • DeKalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston
  • Mayor of South Fulton, Bill Edwards
  • Former State Representative Virgil Fludd
  • Former State Representative LaDawn Jones
  • Helen Willis, Councilwoman of City of South Fulton
  • Carmalitha Gumbs, Councilwoman of City of South Fulton
  • Chairman Emeritus of the GA Legislative Black Caucus
  • Former State Representative Ronnie Mabra
  • State Representative Keisha Waites
  • State Representative Erica Thomas
  • State Representative Sheila Jones
  • State Representative Michael Smith
  • State Representative Roger Bruce
  • Cobb County Commissioner Lisa Cupid
  • Former State Representative Joe Heckstall
  • Former State Representative Ralph Long
  • Former State Senate Minority Whip Vincent Fort
  • State Senator Emanuel Jones
  • State Representative David Dreyer
  • State Representative Dar’Shun Kendrick
  • State Representative Spencer Frye
  • State Representative “Coach” Williams
  • State Senator Elena Parent
  • State Senator Michael Rhett
  • DeKalb County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw
  • Debra DeBerry, DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court
  • Former Milledgeville Mayor Floyd Griffin
  • Macon Bibb County Commissioner Elaine Lucas
  • Macon Bibb County Commissioner Larry Schlesinger
  • Macon Bibb District Attorney David Cooke

The Republicans know this and they know this campaign for governor is going to be a hard fought battle. Let’s keep them on the run not only in the governors race but down the entire ballot. Stacey’s history of service will drive a wide variety of voters to the polls and that will help us win local races as well. Let’s nominate my good friend Stacey Evans for Governor.

– State Representative Roger Bruce

I am glad to support Stacey Evans in her run for Governor. Stacey is a thoughtful, bright leader that supports all Georgians in their desires to be their best, pursue their dreams, and live in a safe and enjoyable community.

– Cobb County Commissioner Lisa Cupid

Stacey Evans has been a hardworking and steadfast advocate for the Cobb county community. She truly cares about making sure families are safe, healthy, and are given equal access to opportunities. I know that as Governor, she can and will do the same for all of Georgia.

– State Representative Sheila Jones

Stacey Evans is is a remarkable young woman who through hard work and persistence is living the American dream. She is the voice in the Georgia legislature of those who are being left behind and deserve a better chance to improve their station in life. That’s why I enthusiastically support her and why she should become the next Governor of our great state.

– Former Congressman Buddy Darden, Campaign Chair

I am proud to join several of my fellow legislators in fully supporting our colleague, Representative Stacey Evans, as she runs for Governor. Stacey Evans has earned my support through her service, leadership and passion. Her message of hope and opportunity for every Georgian is one in which I believe in and encourage Georgians to support.

– State Representative Erica Thomas

“Stacey Evans is my friend, and I am proud to support her to be our next governor. DeKalb is looking for a new day. We’re looking for someone that understands what keeps us up at night worrying. In my work as a judge, solicitor-general and now as DeKalb district attorney, I hear it day in and day out. My endorsement is not against any other Democrat. In fact, our party is stronger when we have competition. My endorsement is a statement of support for my friend, a distinguished legislator and candidate in whose vision I believe will benefit DeKalb County and all of Georgia.”

– DeKalb County District Attorney, Sherry Boston

This election is not won in Washington D.C. It is won right here, in Georgia. Georgians aren’t laying up worrying about what Washington D.C. wants or some national party divide. They’re worried about how they’re going to pay for their kids’ and grandkids’ college. They’re worried about their healthcare premiums, and if their wages are enough to cover it all… Stacey Evans gets that and that’s why I’m supporting her bid for governor. Stacey’s story is powerful. Her work for working Georgia families is powerful. It gives me hope. And I’ll be standing with her every step of the way through this election.

– Governor Roy Barnes

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