Equal Rights

I’m running to be your Governor to bring back hope that our leaders will recognize that we are all created equal and that our government will not allow any of us to be treated otherwise.

There is absolutely no place for discrimination in Georgia, and as your Governor, I will not stand for it. All Georgians must enjoy equal rights and equal protection under the law. I unequivocally commit to opposing any discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Some in our state government continue to propose legislation under the guise of “religious freedom,” but this legislation merely serves to open the door for legalized discrimination against LGBTQ Georgians. Religious freedom is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and it should be protected as such, alongside all of the other fundamental rights we enjoy as American citizens. But protecting one freedom does not necessitate that we strip away others. When we begin to conflate the freedom of religion with the freedom to discriminate, we have truly departed from the values that we hold most dear as people of faith, as Americans and as Georgians.

While I was in the state house, I voted against, and vocally opposed bills that threatened to legalize discrimination or allow some Georgians to be treated differently under the law. In addition, I also proposed legislation that would increase protections against discrimination and prevent future threats to equal rights.

If we as a state wish to remain a beacon for moral values and economic growth, we cannot afford to waste our time with hateful, backwards-thinking policies.

As your Governor, I promise to veto any discriminatory legislation that makes its way to my desk, and I promise that I will do everything in my power to continue to fight for the rights of all Georgians.

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