High Quality Pre-k

I’m running to be your Governor to bring back hope that all of our children will have access to high quality pre-K starting at age 2 no matter what zip code they live in.

My daughter, Ashley, started attending pre-K at age 2 – this option should be available for all Georgia families. By the time she entered kindergarten she knew not only her ABCs, 123s, shapes, and colors, but she had experience standing in line, following the directions of a teacher, and sharing and interacting with a classroom full of children. In other words, when she got to kindergarten, she was prepared to learn.

While all children benefit from pre-K, poorer and less advantaged children often depend on this early education the most. We must ensure that children do not enter kindergarten at a disadvantage due to no fault of their own.

All of our children deserve a chance to show up to their kindergarten classrooms armed with the knowledge and training to take their learning to the next level. And our teachers can better teach a classroom full of students when they are all prepared to learn.

Pre-school is the single best investment we can make in our children. For every $1 we spend on pre-school opportunities for our children, studies show that the general public receives as much as $8 in return. And one study shows that providing high-quality early childhood care and education for low-income 3- and 4-year-olds yields a return to society of more than $17 for every dollar invested. We simply cannot afford not to invest in early learning.

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