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Evans E-Bulletin: September Update

Summer is over, and school is back. I hope everyone is starting school on the right foot and staying safe! Ashley began 4th grade, and Jack started two-year-old pre-school.

The Census Data Is In

House District 57 has 66,540 people, which means we have 11.81% more people (roughly 7,029 people). This means the district will get smaller as districts are expected only to have ~59,511 people. 

Fulton County increased in size from 2010, which was 920,581 people, to 1,066,710 people. 

2020 Population Summary for Current Congressional Districts

2020 Population Summary for Current Senate Districts

2020 Population Summary for Current House Districts

2020 Census Count by City Name

2020 Census Count by City Population

2020 Census Count by County Map

Atlanta Races

Election Day, November 2nd, in our city is rapidly approaching. The Mayor, City Council, Board of Education, and Municipal Court Judges will be on the ballot.

For more information, please go to the Fulton County Board of Election website.

The last day to register is October 4th. Please get registered by going HERE. If you need help or are confused about checking it, please watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

Here’s a list of who is running in District 57; all names are in alphabetical order.


Antonio Brown

Andre Dickens

Kirsten Dunn

Nolan English

Sharon Gay

Mark Hammad

Kenny Hill 

Rebecca L. King

Felicia Moore

Kasim Reed

Walter Reeves

Roosevelt Searles III

Richard N Wright

Glenn S. Wrightson

City Council President

Natalyn Mosby Archibong

Courtney English

Sam Manuel

Mike Russell

Doug Shipman

Council Post 1 At-Large Seat

Michael Julian Bond

Alfred “Shivy” Brooks

Brandon Cory Goldberg

Todd A. Gray

Jereme Sharpe

Council Post 2 At-Large Seat

Sonya Russell-Ofschus

Matt Westmoreland

Council 3 At-Large Seat

Jacki Labat

Ralph Long

Jodi Merriday

Kiesha Sean Waites

Sherry B. Williams

City Council District 2

Amir Farokhi

City Council District 4

Rogelio Arcila

Larry B. Carter, II

Jason Dozier

Kim Scott

Deborah “Sister” Williams

Cleta Winslow

City Council District 5

Samuel Bacote

Liliana Bakhtiari

Katrina “Katie” Kissel

Amanda “Mandy” Mahoney

Doug Williams

City Council District 6

Justin A. Critz

Courtney Jenee Dedi

Alex Wan

Kathryn Voelpel

City Council District 10

Andrea L. Boone

Jason Hudgins

City Council District 11

Marci Collier Overstreet

Ron Shakir

City Council District 12

Antonio Lewis

Jenne Shepherd

Joyce Sheperd

School Board District 1

Katie Howard

Wykeisha Howe

School Board District 2

Bethsheba “Queen Sheba” Rem

Aretta Baldon

Keisha Carey

School Board District 3

Michelle Olympiadis

School Board District 5

Ericka Y. Mitchell

Raynard Johnson

School Board District 6

​Eshe Collins

Patreece Hutcherson

Board of Education Member District 7 At-Large

Patricia “Granny P” Crayton

Tamara Jones

Royce Carter Mann

Kanesha “KaCey” Venning

Stephen Spring

Board of Education Member District 8 At-Large

Keedar Whittle

Cynthia Briscoe-Brown

Board of Education Member District 9 At-Large

Jason B. Allen

Jason F. Esteves

D’Jaris “DJ” James

COVID Update

Everyone over the age of 12 years old is eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. Register NOW! You can call 888-457-0186 or go HERE

HERE is a link if you need to get tested. 

Find a Georgia vaccine distributor HERE. To find a list of distributors specific to Fulton County, go HERE.

DPH has a dashboard for case count, HERE,  and vaccine distribution in our state can be found HERE.

Large hospital systems that received vaccines are also scheduling appointments. Many large hospitals are vaccinating their patients, including EmoryWellstar, and Piedmont.

If you have any questions about COVID-19 and the vaccine only (not for scheduling appointments), call 888-357-0169.

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