Evans E-Bulletin: Special Session Off to a Fast Start

November is shaping up to be a month for the history books.  First, the Braves win the World Series, and then the local elections head for a runoff!  And, the Dawgs are still #1 in the SEC.

We gaveled in on Wednesday, November 3 at 10 am for the Special Session, wearing masks and back to being regularly tested. Six legislative days later, we already have a new State House map heading to the Governor.

New Maps!

On Tuesday, November 9, the new State House Map (HB 1EX) was passed out of the House Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment Committee—less than one week after being released to the public.  Then, the very next day, the map passed out of the full House. On Friday, the Senate adopted the map.  It is now on its way to the Governor for signature.  You can view a copy of the map HERE.

I voted no on the map, alongside all Democrats and two Republicans. The Democratic House Caucus took a Caucus position against the map for many reasons, including the lack of time allowed for public input. The public repeatedly asked for more time to digest and understand the proposed changes to allow meaningful comment. Nevertheless, absent court intervention before the 2022 election cycle, this will be the map.

The current District 57 is heavily gerrymandered. I am proud and happy to represent District 57, but it is gerrymandered nonetheless. The district gained its odd shape in 2011 when Republicans drew together two Democratic incumbents, Rep. Pat Gardner (who originally had a northeastern-focused district) and Rep. Rashad Taylor (who originally had a southwestern-focused district). Under the new map, House District 57 changes. It will lose the southwestern parts and pick up neighborhoods to the north and around the center of the old district like Ansley Park, Sherwood Forest, Piedmont Heights, Peachtree Hills, and Brookwood Hills.

You can use this site to zoom in more to see where you fall in the new districts, HERE.

Likewise, our colleagues in the Senate worked on a new map for Georgia’s 56 state Senate districts, or Senate Bill 1EX, which passed on Tuesday, November 9. The House will take up this map next week (vote expected Tuesday).

You can find a copy of the proposed Senate map currently under consideration HERE.

The Congressional maps will be tackled this upcoming week, which we expect to be the real battle because it could impact the power balance in the United States House of Representatives.

Atlanta’s Elections

Congratulations to all the winners on General Election Day for the City of Atlanta! Here is what you need to know so you can be ready for the Runoff.

What races are in a runoff?

Mayor: Felicia Moore and Andre Dickens

City Council President: Doug Shipman and Natalyn Mosby Archibong

City Council Post 3 At-Large: Keisha Sean Waites and Jacki Labat

City Council District 1: Jason Winston and Nathan Clubb

City Council District 3: Byron Amos and Erika Estrada

City Council District 4: Cleta Winslow and Jason Dozier

City Council District 5: Liliana Bahktiari and Mandy Mahoney

City Council District 12: Joyce Sheperd and Antonio Lewis

Atlanta Board of Education D2: Aretta Baldon and Keisha Carey

Atlanta Board of Education D7 At-Large: Tamara Jones and Kanesha ‘KaCey’ Venning

To see more election results, go HERE

Early voting starts this coming week on November 17 and ends on November 24.

November 30 is the final day to vote, so make a plan today.

Need help heating your home?

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assists low-income elderly and disabled Georgians with heating bills through direct payments to home energy suppliers.

As of November 1, residents aged 65 and older or medically homebound can apply for assistance through the Division’s LIHEAP. All other eligible residents may apply for service the following month, beginning on December 1. Funds will be administered through local Community Action Agencies (CAAs) on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds are exhausted.

To qualify, a family’s annual income must be less than or equal to 60 percent of the median income for a Georgia family. For a household of one, the income threshold is $26,474; the income threshold for a home of five is $59,057. Those seeking assistance must contact their local CAA. All applicants must provide the following:

  1. Most recent energy bill or statement of service from their service providers;
  2. Social Security numbers for each member of the household;
  3. Proof of Citizenship for each member of the household;
  4. Proof of Income for the last 30 days for each adult member of the household; Proof of Income can include, but is not limited to, a paycheck stub or a letter granting public assistance, and,
  5. Social Security or unemployment benefits for all household members, if applicable.

For more information on the program or to find a CAA in your area, visit

Please get vaccinated!

Want to get vaccinated but do not know where to go? Go HERE.

Have questions or concerns about the vaccine? Go HERE.

Starting November 9, Fulton County Board of Health and the County Emergency Management Agency began providing the Pfizer Vaccine to children ages 5-11. You can find a vaccine and more information about the vaccine for children at the links above.

If you are or know a Georgia resident who is currently homebound and they wish to receive the vaccine, an in-home vaccine can be administered by a medical professional. To schedule this, please call 888-572-0112 or email [email protected].

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