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Evans E-Bulletin: Week Six

Week Six 

Just as promised last week, Week Six, was full of ups and downs.

Throughout this Session, we’ve seen a constant assault on “home rule.” “Home rule” is the idea that local delegations should control the fate of legislation that affects only a certain local area of the state. For example, the idea that only legislators who represent Fulton County should decide issues relating only to Fulton County.

So far this Session, we’ve seen the erosion of home rule for the local redistricting maps for Gwinnett and Cobb counties. This week it was Augusta-Richmond county. Enough is enough and I took to the well to discuss why this precedent is so wrong: it disrespects the voters.

Senate Bill 458

SB 458 specifically creates a new board of education map for Augusta-Richmond County. This map is not the map that was developed by a bipartisan working group from the area and supported by the majority of the legislative delegation. The map was introduced and sponsored by elected officials who represent only eight out of 72 precincts contemplated by the maps. This seriously undermines the value of the voter in Richmond County. While this particular bill was about Augusta-Richmond County, the point is we must respect home rule. The voice of the voter matters, no matter who holds the majority. Watch my speech on home rule below



Expand Broadband Access

I recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Saporta Report regarding the lack of broadband access in Georgia. Access to broadband was already as necessary to basic life and commerce as water and electricity, but this is even more apparent with the virtual demands of the pandemic. You can read more about the current status of this issue and my plea to Congress to do more here.


Other Votes this Week 

HB 893 extends the time period that funds collected from hazardous waste generators, solid waste tipping fees, and various fines for violations will be dedicated to support the Environmental Protection Division. Currently these fees amount to $2 million per year. I voted yes.

HB 1134 provides that prosecuting District Attorneys and the Attorney General have concurrent jurisdiction to prosecute criminal gang activity. Currently this jurisdiction lies only with District Attorneys. This bill tramples local control. It is unnecessary because local District Attorneys can already seek help from the Attorney General and GBI if they need extra resources on cases. This bill would do nothing to make our communities more safe. I voted no. If I believed it would made us safer, I certainly would have voted yes. 

SB 437 redefines Fulton County Commission districts. This is a substitute map and is different than the one that passed the Senate and was signed by the majority of the Fulton Legislative Delegation (now that map will not be voted on). I voted no.

SB369 provides that future elections for the Gwinnett County Board of Education will be non-partisan. I generally support non-partisan school board elections (just as I do for county commission and judicial races), but if we are going to take this action as an entire state legislative body, it should be implemented statewide and not just in one county (especially when it is opposed by the majority of the local delegation). I voted no. 


 Voting Deadlines

As you know, this year is a big election year—we will vote on a U.S. Senate seat, all statewide offices, legislative seats, and many local races. Make sure you know all the relevant deadlines to cast your vote—whether in person or absentee.



Job Fair

Join the Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council for a job fair!

Pre-register at: 

Nominate an Energy Champion

Strategy Blue in partnership with Commissioner Tim G. Echols is hosting the 2022 Inaugural Energy Matters Awards! I would like to recognize the accomplishments of energy and sustainability in Georgia. I will be nominating constituents to Commissioner Tim Echols, who will reach out to finish the application. The award categories are 

  • Best sustainability project by a city 

  • Best sustainability project by small company (under 50 employees) 

  • Best sustainability project by large company 

  • Best sustainability project by faith community 

  • Best sustainability project by transportation related company  

  • Best sustainability project by manufacturing company

  • Best sustainability project by hospitality industry

  • Best sustainability project by educational institution 

  • EV implementation award for large company 

  • EV implementation award for small company 

  • EV implementation award for institutions 

  • EV autonomous award 

  • Best municipal energy efficiency award 

  • Best institutional energy efficiency award 

  • CNG implementation award 

  • Best fleet transition award 

  • Best recycling/reuse award

If you or someone you know qualifies please reach out to me at [email protected] and I will pass forward your nomination. Nominations will be submitted through March 31st. 


COVID-19 Update 

You can now request free at-home COVID-19 tests hereYou can order four at-home tests per household that will be delivered by the USPS.

How to find a vaccine?

Health Department Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line

(888) 457-0186

Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8 PM ET

Saturday – Sunday 8 AM – 5 PM ET

Health Department Vaccine Schedule Web Portal:

Vaccine Finder:

CORE Vaccination Pop-Up Events:


Helpful Links

DPH Case Dashboard:

DPH Vaccine Dashboard:

DPH Testing Locations:


As always, it is an honor to represent you under the Gold Dome. Please share your thoughts on legislation and let me know if you need help with any state agency.


State Representative HD 57



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