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Evans E-Bulletin: Week Eight

Week Eight This week was intense. We considered many bills—some good, many bad. I was active on the floor asking questions and speaking out against

Evans E-Bulletin: Week Seven

Week Seven We convened for two legislative days this week and Day 20 is officially in the books, so we are technically halfway. But the

Evans E-Bulletin: Week Six

Week Six  Just as promised last week, Week Six, was full of ups and downs. Throughout this Session, we’ve seen a constant assault on “home

Evans E-Bulletin: Week Five

Week Five  This was an eventful week full of twists, turns, and surprises. Next week promises to be full of the same. More and more

Evans E-Bulletin: Week Four

Week Four Week Four is in the books. More legislation made it to the House Floor this week—some good and some bad. I’m particularly disappointed

Evans E-Bulletin: Week Three

Week Three My colleagues and I convened for the third week of the 2022 legislative session on Monday, January 24th. The pace under the Gold