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Evans E-Bulletin Week 11

The 2021 Legislative Session is over. We passed many good bills, but also several bad bills made it through. I am glad to report that

Evans E-Bulletin: Week 10

2 DAYS LEFT! Next week is the final week of the legislative session. Monday is Day 39, and Wednesday is Day 40 (Sine Die!). Bills

Evans E-Bulletin: Week 9

First things first: it is time for more love and less hate. This week our district was the site of a tragedy. On Tuesday evening, a

Evans E-Bulletin: Week 8

Thank you to everyone who came to the town hall on Thursday. Senator Halpern and I had such a good time! Thank you for your

Evans E-Bulletin: Week 7

This was a busy week under the Gold Dome. The Housed passed many measures, including the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget and the Republican voting bill

Evans E-Bulletin: Week 6

We have 16 legislative days left under the Gold Dome. Crossover Day (Day 28) will be March 8th. Aptly named as the last day for