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Evans E-Bulletin Week Seven

This week was the seventh week of session. We passed the largest number of bills yet this week. The weeks will continue to be more

Evans E-Bulletin Week Six

This week was the sixth week of session. We are officially halfway through the 2023 Legislative Session. The pace still feels slower than in prior

Evans E-Bulletin Week Five

This week was eventful with many wonderful opportunities to honor great Georgians and sign onto legislation. The pace has definitely picked up with the amount

Evans E-Bulletin Week Four

This was the fourth week of the legislative session. On Thursday we passed the amended FY 2023 state budget in the House and sent it

Evans E-Bulletin Week Three

This was the third week of the legislative session. Some of the House committees met for the first time this week to adopt their committee rules

Evans E-Bulletin Budget Week

This week we held Joint House and Senate Appropriations hearings. Now the House Appropriations subcommittees will begin to meet separately to review specific portions of